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Mike Dempsey

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Mike Dempsey started aggressive rollerblading as a child prior to skating as a professional at the age of 15. Filming his friends for skate videos, he soon found his passion for the camera, which quickly expanded into creating comedic and cinematic films.


Years later, he heard an unfinished album by Anderson .Paak and created his first music video for .Paak’s cover of "Such Great Heights." With over ten million cumulative views, Mike has directed videos for Manchester Orchestra, Toikmonsta, YouTube sensation George Watsky, and many more.


He went on to direct a season of Millennials, a short form narrative that aired on the Audience Network and DirectTV, which focused on young adults navigating life’s transitions.


An ever-evolving artist, Mike co-created an Instagram account called “Kirby Jenner” where he would photograph his best friend and composite him into famous photos of Kendall Jenner, posing as her “fraternal twin brother.” The parody gained coverage from Time Magazine, reached 1.5M followers, and landed a show with Quibi, where Mike worked as an Executive Producer alongside Kendall Jenner, Kris Jenner, and Howie Mandel.

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