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Headshot of director Hollis Bennett

Hollis Bennett

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Growing up in Oklahoma, Hollis Bennett learned how to get his hands dirty at a young age. After working on his share of ranches and logging plenty of hours in the saddle, he eventually left the sunworn expanse of the Midwest for the frigid shores of the Alaskan Peninsula, where he worked as a commercial fisherman and guide.


Throughout his travels, Hollis developed a love for photography and a keen ability to translate the beauty of those infinite horizons into the confines of a frame. What began as a hobby eventually turned into a career that has spanned more than a decade and included award-winning films that depict hunting, fishing, agriculture, construction, trucks—and well, pretty much anything involving tires, mud, tools, and all the folks involved. Through this crafted and caring lens, he’s brought to life visions for clients like Ram, Landrover, Honda, Cub Cadet, IBM, Uber and CITGO.


Hollis currently resides with his family in Nashville, TN.

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