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Elevating brands through distinct visual storytelling.

Based out of Nashville, Sequitur Cinema provides creative management, artistic direction, and everything from pre-production to post-production services. Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies and household names, to tech startups and hospitals.

How we create.

Our team of producers organize and manage your creative vision with the highest levels of professionalism while also drawing from our roster of creative directors, visionaries, and storytellers.


Who we create with.

We’ve built a roster of some of the most exciting voices in independent storytelling. Ever-expanding and increasingly diverse, we offer an abundance of perspectives that span the American experience and beyond. You’ll have some of the brightest, most exciting voices in cinema at your disposal and ready to tell the world about your latest initiative.


Who has created with us.

We’ve had the honor of crafting stories, both large and small, for companies like DoorDash, Bose, Honda, Cub Cadet, and hometown favorites like the Tennessee Tourism Agency, the YMCA, and Moon Pie. 

We’re proud to have had a part in elevating these brands through cinematic storytelling. We’d be honored to work with you, so let’s talk about how to tell your story.

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